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The Burbank Y offers Tumbling classes that you can flip over from infant to adult! Classes are taught in a nurturing, safe, and progressive manner and our instructors work to build your child's confidence and character every step of the way.

Online registration or register in person at Member Services. All classes are fee based and open to both Members and Non-Members unless otherwise noted. Family and Adult YMCA members receive priority registration and reduced monthly fees.

Please refer to the class descriptions below to select the appropriate class. For class times and fees, please refer to the latest schedule.

Parent Tot

Roly Poly Play Time (Ages 9-18 months/parent participation required)
Class length: 30 minutes

Come and play with us in our spacious Gymnastics Center! Watch your child build confidence and refine movement skills with your support through play and observing their peers. This is a parent/tot playtime; there is no instructor.

Wiggle Worms (Ages 18-36 months /parent participation required)
Class length: 45 minutes.

Bring your little Wiggle Worm to our spacious Gymnastics Center and join our specially trained instructor for a group stretch, adventurous obstacle course and some free play time. In addition to aiding the development of fundamental movement skills, simple social skills such as making friends, sharing, taking turns and peer support are the highlights of this fun interactive class.


Rookie Tumbling (Ages 3-4 yrs)
Class length: 45 minutes

This class is designed to be your child’s first experience in a class independent of Mom or Dad. Skill mastery is not our goal in this class. Focus is on body awareness and control through flexibility and strength conditioning. More difficult skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels are introduced in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Plus, character development skills are introduced such as caring, respect, and fairness.


Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Tumbling (Ages 5-12 yrs)
Class length: 1 hour

This class highlights tumbling skills mastered through drills, games and repetition appropriate for each level with a focus on strength, flexibility and technique. Your child will receive a monthly skills report card and will be moved into the next level by the coach at the appropriate time. Coach approval required for Intermediate and Advanced classes.


Parkour (Ages 6-10 yrs)
Class length: 1 hour

Parkour is the ability to move through your environment quickly and efficiently. You will learn how to use your body to jump, vault and climb over any obstacles in your path. Strength, flexibility and focus are highlighted in this class.

Cheerleading (Ages 5-12)
Class length: 1 hour

This class is designed to teach entry level cheerleading skills; including basic tumbling, cheers, chants and jumps. Emphasis is placed on correct technique and building the proper foundation for safety and advancement.

Breakdancing Power Moves (Ages 8-14)
Class length: 1 hour

This class focuses on the acrobatic side of break dancing. Such as windmills, headspins, flips, freezes, and more.

Rhythmic Gymnastics (Ages 5-10 yrs)
Class length: 45 minutes

Our Rhythmic Gymnastics class allows children to interact with one or two pieces of apparatus: hoops, balls, ribbons, ropes or freehand. The class combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, and dance, and is the perfect class for children who are looking to get up and move in a fun way.