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Kyo-Ku Kids Karate

kidsKarateBoContentImageWe offer a form of non-contact, character building karate called Kyo-Ku. Our program is designed to let children reap all of the benefits of martial arts training without the risk of injury or violence. Classes focus on the development of balance, strength, mental dexterity and attention span through karate forms and an innovative series of dojo games and obstacle courses.

Children who participate in martial arts training gain both physical and mental benefits, including self-defense skills, self-discipline, overall fitness, and self-confidence. Martial arts training has also been shown as excellent preparation in dealing with peer pressure and bullying.

  • Helps instill mental focus.
  • Belt ranking system gives child measurable goals to follow that are realistic to attain.
  • Learn to treat others with respect.
  • Self-defense techniques for self-empowerment.

Progressive Levels (ages 3-12) - Children in our progressive Kyo-Ku program will move through the levels of belt colors as they develop their practice. See schedule.

Intro Class (ages 5-14) – Free to Family Members, this class does not emphasize technique, but rather basic knowledge. Great for those interested in learning basics before moving into the progressive program.