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Infants ages 6wks-18months.
Toddlers ages 18-30 months
Preschoolers ages Two – 5-3/4 years
Monday-Friday • 7am-6 pm

The Burbank Community YMCA Child Development Center Preschool provides quality early childhood education utilizing a play-based model approach to learning that honors each child's individual growth and development. Additionally, we strive to foster discovery, exploration and experimentation in an effort to encourage critical thinking and inquiry. Our Preschool is accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and fosters each child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Burbank YMCA Preschool at a Glance

  • Low teacher/student ratios
  • Full day with healthy snack and lunch provided, served family style
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers
  • Focus on S.T.E.M. education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Outdoor classroom designed to support active play and stimulate the imagination
  • Extra-curricular activities offered by YMCA (sports, gymnastics, swim, etc.)
  • Individual formative assessment systems and portfolios
  • For more information, stop by the Child Development Center office (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm), call 818.562.5461 or email at Rita2@burbankymca.org.

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Teacher/child Ratios

License# 191290631

Group Age Ratio
Toddlers 6wks-18months 2:1
Infants 18-30 months 4:1
Preschoolers 2-1/2 years-pre-K 8:1

Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP)

The Burbank YMCA Preschool uses the DRDP Formative Assessment tool to allow teachers and children to engage in positive interactions through continuous observations. Individual portfolios document each child's learning story and progress in desired results according to the developmental measures outlined by the California Department of Education. This includes social, motor, learning and developmental results.

S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics)

Applying the S.T.E.M. approach to our daily curriculum blends mathematical concepts and science together to make learning interdisciplinary. This approach:

  • Stimulates investigations
  • Encourages predications and comparisons
  • Explores sizes, shapes, patterns and quantities
  • Encourages critical thinking and hypothesis formation

Healthy Eating And Physical Activity Standards

The Burbank YMCA Preschool offers two snacks and lunch daily. All meals align with our Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards, in accordance with the National Afterschool Association guidelines.

  • Water is the primary beverage
  • Only whole grain and whole foods provided
  • Meals cooked and prepared onsite
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables delivered weekly local CA farmers
  • All meals served family style
  • Vegetarian options provided
  • Screen time & digital device limitations
  • Opportunity for physical activity appropriate for age

Fees, Deposits And Registration Packets

All programs require an annual $125 enrollment fee per child due upon registration.

Download CDC Info Sheet

Download Registration Packet

Calendar, Handbook & Monthly Menus

Financial Assistance

The YMCA provides membership services for any person or family, who desires to participate regardless of the ability to pay the standard program fee. Those that may be unable to pay the full fee may be awarded assistance based on their demonstrated ability to pay and the YMCA's ability to provide funding. Due to the demand for financial assistance, the YMCA must follow the eligibility guidelines. The YMCA reserves the right to adjust assistance as needed during any given calendar year. Notice will be provided in writing to our members when adjustments will be made. All rules and policies including but not limited to the Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times while in the YMCA facilities or at YMCA sponsored events. Any violations may result in disqualification of assistance. Approval of Financial Assistance will not extend to programs outside of the CDC.


  1. Eligibility will be granted on the basis of financial need. Eligibility does not guarantee a financial assistance award. Financial Assistance awards are made to eligible participants based on the Y's available resources.
  2. Applicants will be required to pay a portion of the fees in addition to the assistance provided.
  3. Financial Assistance is awarded at the beginning of the school year (August) or prior to Summer Camp registration dates as stated in camp brochure. (If a child leaves the program, assistance will then be given to another qualifying applicant.)
  4. All past due balances must be paid to the satisfaction of the YMCA to be eligible for new or continuing Financial Assistance.

How to Apply

  1. Applications are available through the CDC during normal business hours. All records will be kept confidential.
  2. Applicants must fill out the Financial Assistance Application completely to be considered for financial assistance. Applicants are required to provide verification of household income. (The YMCA requires two current consecutive payroll stubs and the most current federal tax returns).
  3. If any member of the household is currently unemployed for any reason, including disability, documentation of unemployment is required.
  4. All sources of household income should be reported (this includes alimony, court ordered and non-court ordered child support, disability, worker's compensation, and any other government assistance). Documentation is required.
  5. The applicants will not be registered for programs until they satisfy their portion of the specified program fees.

Selection Process

  1. The assistance will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, subject to available resources.
  2. Financial Assistance application will not be reviewed until all required documentation has been received by the YMCA.
  3. Eligibility of financial assistance will be determined by the Financial Aid criteria, based on a thorough review of the application and all supporting documentation.
  4. Assistance will be granted to the extent that funds are available.
  5. The YMCA reserves the right to deny or end assistance to any applicant at any time.

Download Financial Assistance Packet