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Strength Training

Stregnth Training

Strength training is a highly beneficial form of exercise for men and women of all ages. Our classes aim to improve your balance, strength, flexibility and agility. Lean muscle mass naturally degenerates over time and regular strength training is key for maintaining overall health and fitness. Research has shown that strength training, especially when combined with regular aerobic exercise, is effective in reducing signs and symptoms of many chronic diseases, including arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis.See below for descriptions of classes we offer and check out the Group Fitness schedule.

  • Boot Camp: A combination or cardio, strength, and agility drills to challenge all fitness levels.
  • Chisel: Total Body workout, combining progressive body strengthening and conditioning exercises.
  • Cardio Burn: Use your own body weight, light equipment and slow and controlled movements to push yourself to YOUR next level.
  • Total Fitness: Boost muscular strength and endurance utilizing weights, bands, balls, and your own body weight.
  • 30-30-30: A fun combination class which includes 30 minutes of kickboxing, 30 minutes of upper body/abs and 30 minutes of lower body toning. Class format is open every 30 minutes for new participants to join in.
  • Power Yoga: This class is a combination of strength, mental focus, balance and sweat! It will open your mind, body and spirit like never before. All levels welcome.